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The universe is wild and unpredictable, full of potential, so why are your thought about your own life is so limited? do you think you have to go to the same job every day, do the same errands, think the same thought, feel the same way?
Dr. Emoto
Water had thought me the delicacy of the human soul, and the impact that 'love and gratitude' can have on the world
Dalia Lama
The Dalia Lama model of intimacy is base on willingness to open ourselves to many other, to family, friends, and even strangers, forming genuine and deep bonds based on our common humanity
John Of God
Love is who god is and who you are as well.  The seed of everythimg you need is already within you.
Dr. Todd Dixon, M.D.
I believe the most powerful tool to cure diseases in, modern day medical technology combined with the healing power.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Emoto son
Anthony Robbbins
People are not lazy. they simply have important goals that it, goals that do not inspire them.
Dr. Emoto
During speech
Dr. Sheff June 2016
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