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  کلاس‌های ریکی با استاد شهپرمصوررحمانی به صورت آنلاین در برنامه زوم

 اگر دوست دارید درمانگر جسم و جان وروح خود باشید و نعمت شفا را به دیگران هدیه دهید و در نهایت آرزوهای خود را به دست آورید 

Shahpar Mosavar Rahmani
Kahroba7766 اين ادرس اينك تلكرام من است
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To align with the devine will within, to make the commitment to speak and follow the truth

Ms. Shahpar Rahmani is a spiritual healer, teacher and a medium, with an extraordinary gift .

About Ms. Rahmani

She uses her hands with closed eyes to scan your body while sweeping them across the body and your energy field(aura) and identifies areas with existing and future problems(diseases) and will point them out with 99% accuracy.

She is a Reiki Teacher Master, and a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Also, a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist certified by the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, Los Angeles, CA., and a certified past life therapy as well as a certified health and success coach.


She established The Light Within company more than 15 years ago in San Diego, CA. The Light Within has produced more than 18 meditation CDs and 17 packages that teaches how to use chackras, energy body, auras for health, happiness, and peace. 

She offers one-day to ten-days seminars on the techniques of meditation and Reiki throughout the world. She holds monthly Reiki workshops in San Diego.

Ms. Rahmani has thought Reiki to more than 3000  and more than 200 have become master of Reiki.

Her tin weekly satellite TV program has been  broadcasted from Los Angeles, CA. live around  the world, more than 600  hours of teaching spirituality and meditation.  Her program emphasises the message of  love and unity through meditation.

Ms. Rahmani is recognized by  many extraordinary spiritual teachers and healers around the world.

In San Francisco during the 2006 historic event to Celebrate world cultural

differences, the Dalia Lama  was featured speaker.  Ms. Rahmani was one

of the 20 selected to meet with Dalia Lama to discuss world peace.



Ms. Rahmani’s frequent visit to John Of God who is a famous median in Brazil and one of the greatest healers of our time.  John of God recognized the healing power in Ms. Rahmani and told her that healing is her life mission; that she should use her

healing ability to help people become healthy in mind, body and spirit. 

He has given Ms. Rahmani  special crystals which are infused with his

Energy.  These crystals are only given to those who are recognized by

him as gifted healers.

In one of Ms. Rahmani’s recent visit to John Of God, while he was  

incorporated with the entities to perform physical surgery, he selected Ms. Rahmani out of  almost 500 visitors to join him in the chamber, and he told  everyone, out of all the people there she was most focused and had ability to understand what he was doing.

In December of 2012, she attended the stringent 21-days “inner Awakening Retreat” with

Swami Paramahansa Nithyananda.  The Swami Paramahansa Nithyananda is the Reincarnation of the Indian god Shiva.  With millions of followers around the world, a great master of the Bhagaved Gita teachings, author of 250 books and 4000 hours of

spiritual  teaching videos on YouTube, Swami Nithyananda is also an

exceptiona healer. In response to Ms. Rahmani’s questions.  “I am healer

and also  a public speaker.  What is my mission in life, and  what steps do

I have to take to complete my mission?” Swami Nithyananda replied,

Just with this healing in public speaking you will bring

fulfillment to millions, I am commanding you to take my

energy to the world… to spread Aakashik readings of me through spiritual counseling.  You will enlighten thousands. Through your tongue, I will expree. Take this message to millions.

کی   ببینم   مرا  چنان   که   منم
آه چه بی رنگ وبی نشان که منم
در زبا ن  نامده  است  آنکه  منم
گفتم   آنی   بگفت   های  خموش
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